What is microcurrent?
MicrocCurrent is a low level of electrical current that mirrors the body's own natural current.  It's proven properties and potential range of applications from wound healing and muscle rehabilitation to lymphedema continue to assist healthcare practitioners with amazing results.  The intended use for microcurrent is to aid in the battle of anti-aging by diminishing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, improving the texture and appearance of the skin, re-educating and toning facial muscles, and reducing the overall visual appearance of aging.  It is a popular non-invasive service that gives you the freedom to attain anti-aging goals without the recovery, downtime, and expense of surgeries. 
How does microcurrent Work?
As 2 wands are passed over the face, the impulses generate a chemical reaction inside the muscle that enhances the body’s ability to use the protein ATP (adenosine triphosphate) efficiently. This low level of electrical current (500 microamperes) works in harmony with the body's natural healing processes.  At a cellular level, microcurrent stimulates activity in the cell to create massive amounts (a 500% increase) of adenosine tri-phosphate (ATP), known as the "energy of life". ATP drives a number of biological processes including muscle contraction/re-education and protein (collagen and elastin) synthesis.  Facial toning is achieved through muscle re-education, working a muscle from its origin and insertion inward to shorten slackened muscles (such as in the cheeks or forehead), and working from the belly outward to lengthen contracted muscles (such as the muscles that pull the corners of the mouth downward). During the microcurrent treatment, we are able to manipulate 32 different facial muscles to decrease wrinkles, subtly lift the eyelids, tighten and firm the skin and restore a more youthful appearance.
What are the benefits of microcurrent?
There are many benefit of microcurrent treatment including:
- Enhanced color, condition, and overall health of the skin
- Glowing skin
- Increased elastin
- Improved circulation
- Improved facial muscle tone
- Improved lymphatic drainage
- Lifted Eyebrows
- Reduced eye bags
- Reduced irritation, inflammation, and thickness of scar tissue
- Smoothed wrinkles around the eyes
- Thickened connective tissue
- Tightened and firmed skin
Is this treatment painful?
No. In most cases it is sub-sensory, and many people find it quite relaxing.
What should I wear to my microcurrent treatment?
Since microcurrent focuses on the face and neck, we recommend that you wear a top that leaves these areas exposed for treatment.
How long is a microcurrent treatment?
Your microCurrent treatment will last between 30-45 minutes. Since we book these appointments in 45 minute increments, please be on time for your treatment.
What areas may I target for skin tightening with microcurrent?
While microcurrent treatments generally focus on the face for an instant facelift, the procedure may be used throughout the body to tighten and firm skin.
How many microcurrent sessions will I need?
Although a remarkable difference is seen after the first treatment, the benefits of microcurrent are cumulative, and as such, microcurrent treatments are typically performed in a series to gain maximum anti-aging results.
Will I feel pain during my microcurrent session?
No, you will not feel pain during your microcurrent session. Some clients feel nothing at all while others notice and enjoy a mild tingling sensation. You may find that you relax so thoroughly that you doze off during the procedure!
Is microcurrent safe for all skin types?
Yes. All skin types can benefit from microcurrent treatment.
Will microcurrent cause my face to break out?
No, microcurrent will not cause your face to break out. Rarely a client may notice skin irritation or redness, but this should subside within 2 hours after treatment.
Should I wash my face before my microcurrent treatment?
Yes, we strongly recommend that you wash your face with a cleanser and remove all makeup before arriving at your appointment. After your treatment, you may use our facilities to re-apply your makeup before leaving the office.
What should I do after my microcurrent treatment?
After your treatment, it is best to keep your skin hydrated with a moisturizer.
How soon can I expect to see results from microcurrent treatment?
You may expect to see results as soon as the first session has ended.
Is there downtime after a microcurrent treatment?
No, there is no downtime after the procedure. This treatment is non-invasive so there is no bruising, swelling or scabbing. No healing period is needed.
Is microcurrent for everyone?
While most people can benefit by the application of microcurrent, there are some absolute contraindications. It cannot be performed on persons with epilepsy, pacemaker, pregnant women, or anyone with active cancer.
Is microcurrent a new technology?
No, microcurrent has been used for decades. Besides its use in non-surgical face lifting, it is also used to treat various medical conditions such as wound healing, Bell’s palsy, fibromyalgia, arthritis, menopausal symptoms, and depression.